The first MFE garments were sold back in 2000 on a private label basis, and marketed under a well known brand name. Our garments were worn under the hockey and baseball equipment of team members from the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics and the Toronto Blue Jays, just to drop a few names.

Our product was successful in large part due to the fabric’s breathability, anti-bacterial agents, warmth and comfort during prolonged physical exertion. Professional trainers and athletes  have confirmed that our fabric retains its form and original characteristics despite daily washing and use. They also appreciate that odour does not creep into the fabric after reuse like most athletic wear. Styles and fashions come and go with each season, but MFESPORTS fabrics stand the test of time.

As manufacturers we were under constant pressure to reduce our costs, so that our clients could continue to promote their brand. We had two choices; comply and reduce costs thereby reducing our quality standards or find another way to get our MFESPORTS products into the market place.

We chose to launch a new initiative based on a direct sales model. This strategy is based on the premise that once you wear an MFESPORTS fabric garment, you will love it and tell others. A bonus from this shift in sales channel is that we have been able to offer significant savings to you without sacrificing the quality of our product.

We’ve recently been thrilled to see more professional athletes take a liking to our garments. George St. Pierre has been seen wearing our shorts, as have many other Mixed Martial Arts fighters! We’ve also reached out and made connections with the Dragon Boat, and Canoe and Kayak industries.

We’re proud to be a supporter of – and supplier to – academic athletic programs across North America. Teams of all sports have recognized the pride we take in our product and company. Our Canadian-made and manufactured athletic-wear is a choice that all of our clients and customers can feel good about wearing.